Windsor Bracket 2

  • 12.00 and slower
  • 12 second cars in bracket 2 must have mufflers and street tires
  • 1/4 mile
  • All run
  • No delay boxes
  • Competitors must currently reside in Essex County


12.00 second cars can run in either class Bracket 1 or Bracket 2. if you have a 12 second “race”car, open headers and slicks, then you would run Bracket 1.

If you have a 12 second “street” car, DOT tires and exhaust you can run Bracket 2.

The idea is simple there are lots of regular racers who run in the 12s,  so we try to give beginers a better chance in bracket 2.

The Muffler and DOT tire rule only applies to 12 second cars. If your 13 second car is on slicks or open headers that is fine.

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Please pre-register and purchase your crew tickets on the GBM Pre-Sales website.