Real Street

Thanks to the efforts of a new sponsor, we are going try something new and fun this year for the real street guys.

This class is designed for everyday Street Cars. Classic Muscle and Modern Cars. Mild performance and bolt-on upgrades are allowed.

Think.”Streetcar you race”, not “Racecar you drive on the street”.

If you feel like your car meets the spirit of the class.

Message me for rules clarifications.

  • Driver must be from Windsor Essex County
  • Plated and insured
  • Cars will be given a 15-minute idle test and taken for a cruise.
  • No “racing “equipment. For example:
    • No full chassis
    • Mini Tub ok
    • Rollbar ok
    • No funny car cages
    • No bead locks
    • No parachutes
    • No wheelie bars
  • Max One lightweight non oem body panel (excluded bumpers)
  • Exhaust
  • Street Tires only. DOT approved. (Any size if fully treaded)
  • Presentable interior. No stripped-out shells.
  • Power adders. 1 of whatever you choose
  • The car must be as driven on the street.
  • 1 test hit
  • Random Draw for pairings.
  • 400 pro tree 1/4 mile
  • The car must pass tech for ET it runs.

We reserve the right to reject any car not fitting the spirit of the class.


Preregistration is recommended.

32 car max

Class Sponsored By

Please pre-register and purchase your crew tickets on the GBM Pre-Sales website.