Real Street

  • 8 car qualified field
  • Street driven cars only
  • Street tires
  • Mufflers
  • Plated and insured
  • 1 power adder
  • 1 lightweight panel ( Bumpers not included)
  • No lexan
  • No parachutes
  • No wheelie bars
  • Car must be driven regularly
  • We must have 6 prepaid entries for this class or ill scratch it
  • if cancelled racers may move to another class or have a refund
  • driver nust be from Essex county
  • you can race only this class on Saturday

There will be a cruise of somewhere between 20 and 30 kilometers prior to first qualifier.
Cars will be laddered on a sportsman ladder, this will make for closer racing.
500 pro tree

Qualify Sat Eliminations Sat

Non qualifier will move to Bracket 1

Entry $100

This is an experiment for this year,  i am not looking for your plated race car im looking for a field of regular street cars in street trim. as with any class i have ever written rules for there will be one or 2 cars that can kill the class. im hoping the people who have been asking for this class will participate.

2022 will see the return of our Friday real street class.

I need 6 preregistered cars by the 10th or i will pull the class and rework it for next year.

Please pre-register and purchase your crew tickets on the GBM Pre-Sales website.